Dear Business Owner,


A sweaty face is a happy face!


The Surgeon General has stated that 70% of all illnesses are due to lifestyle related causes. Healthier employees positively impact companies in every respect, for example, lower healthcare costs and turnover rates, improved turnover rates, improved productivity and employee morale., fewer medical claims, and reduced absenteeism. The statistics suggest that companies, small or large can save significantly by investing in their employees’ health and welfare. The end result can is a win/win situation for both employer and employee.


We trust you have faith, insight abs will to actively promote a healthy lifestyle for yourself a well as for your employees. We at Spirit Wellness Club hope to be a positive influence in helping the community at large as well as your company enjoy the tremendous benefits of a healthier lifestyle and, subsequently, a more profitable business.


Talk to me about how we can help you and your employees improve their (and your) health through the implementation of a corporate fitness program. If you do it right, I will absolutely guarantee a positive return for your company.


Much good luck with your business,


Owner Spirit – a Wellness Club


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