Married and father of five. Owner and Manager of the club and therefore obligatory multitasker! Has taught fitness “his whole life”. Educated at BYU and Liberty University. Teaches Spinning, Rowing and Uni-Flex at the club. Some call him “The Fitness Nazi”, but his wife says he really isn’t all that bad…


Our membership clerk. If you have billing questions, she’s got the answers.  Barbara also teaches spinning, Zumba and Silver Sneakers.  Has been with Spirit since the day the doors first opened.  Married with 4 kids.


Dentist with 4 kids. Has taught early morning Spinning here since 1998. Likes country music, but we are working on him…


Teaches Aerobics, Spinning and Free Flex and whatever else is asked of her. A real “gym rat”. Has been with Spirit since 1998. Mother of 3 and Office Manager at Southern Utah Physical Therapy.


Has been with Spirit since 1998. Married and mother of 3.  She’s another multi­teacher and intense as they come. Doesn’t like to lose! Heavy “Kintucky” accent.


Is also a mother(4) and has taught at Spirit since 2001. She’s another addicted-to-exercise person. Teaches primarily Yoga and Silver Sneakers at Spirit but is versatile. Mauri represents a softer approach to group teaching and will not scare you away.


Married and mother of 5. Spinning nut- and -teacher.


Jack Strosnider (Tai Chi), Cameron Parry (Kid’s Karate), Kim Wilde (SS & 20/20/20), Melissa Sasser (Zumba), Lindsey Camp (Sunshine Dance), Aimie DeSpan (Morning Classes), Kat (Yoga).